rain storms

It’s raining and thunder is rumbling in the distance. Storms are relaxing yet awakening things. They almost seem like entities to me; they move, exhale, create and destroy. They build up over time, release their energy and make everything affected by them vividly aware. Once they’ve run their course or moved on, all goes back to the way it was, but different; the air is cleared and fresh.
The amount of energy released during a storm is incredible, it can be devastating or enlightening. Nature has a way of stimulating or soothing the mind and body. It’s powerful, beautiful, and I believe it is a healing force.


I sort of locked myself in for the past two weeks, neglected friends who reached out, spent little time outside, disconnected from self expression and closed myself off from spirit. My body was performing but my thoughts were disengaged – it felt like my mind was a balloon floating in a quiet space high above my body. It may have been an involuntary “check-out” or a little mental escape from the recent life changes and disappointments I’m experiencing.

I had a rare void of mental clutter these past weeks and had the impulse to purge all the junk that had accumulated in the apartment. Almost every surface and space is completely clear now; I couldn’t stand the visual chaos anymore and my body kind of took over and terminated the unnecessary piles that were slowly taking over the house. I’m not a traditional hoarder, but it’s relative. I’ve been holding onto useless, stifling, suffocating things – thoughts. It feels different in the house; it’s like the after-storm effect, clean and fresh. I know that’s how I’d feel if I could immediately vanquish all my negative beliefs that strangle my mind and disallow my true nature to unfold. Just as forces of nature can be a metaphor for our lives, our physical state of being (body or home) reflects our state of mind. There’s a saying that really makes sense to me now- “the state of your bed reflects the state of your head”.  My environment is serene, free of clutter and unnecessary garbage. It feels open, calm, and gives me head-space so I can think clearly and positively. It really feels good!
Cleaning and getting rid of things that take up valuable space can be revealing of what is really important. Maybe the last two weeks was a subconscious meditation that was integral to removing the physical clutter and creating space for peace and healing

It’s incredible how we can create our own storms – that can either destroy or renew us. My
current dis-ease isn’t something I desire, yet it’s awakened me. It’s a catalyst for me to purge my mind and  cleanse of all the garbage I’ve believed  and accumulated over the years. I’m thankful for this awareness. I think if I didn’t wake up from how I’d been (mentally) living, I’d be consumed rather than set free.


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